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Miners Beach, Michigan

Wind, water, and minerals interact to produce stunningly beautiful and easily accessible rock formations on the coast of Lake Superior.  The sandstone rocks at Miners Beach were laid down over millions of years; each successive layer impregnated with a variety of minerals.  As water and weather have acted on these rocks, these individual layers have been exposed, creating an elegant canvas upon which nature has painted her masterpieces of texture and color.

Layered Sandstone

  • Beartown Road Design strives to support small-business production partners, domestically where available, and locally if possible, with the goal of minimizing environmental externalities both with materials used and those associated with long-distance shipping.  Greeting cards are designed by the photographer and printed in Ann Arbor, Michigan by a locally owned and operated full-service printing firm, using recycled paper stock and vegetable-based inks.


    Greeting cards are 5” x 7”, blank inside for any occasion, and come with a short paragraph about the photo image.  Cards come with envelopes, and are available either as individual cards, as a set of 12 – three each of four different images, or a set of 20 – five each of four different images.   (Watermark does not appear in product image.)

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