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Vigur Island, Iceland

Wave action continually batters the coasts of Iceland, but because of the island’s relatively young age and relative lack of sedimentary rocks, beaches here are generally composed of larger, courser fragments of stone than one might generally associate with beaches found on geologically older coastal areas. Because of Iceland’s active volcanic nature, the stones found here are variations on one theme, primarily igneous basalt in nature. However, as over 25 types of igneous rock have been found in Iceland, and as can be seen in this image, subtle variations in color bear witness to the diverse mineral content in what most people might identify solely as “lava”.

Vigur Island Beach

SKU: PZ1009
  • Beartown Road Design strives to support small-business production partners, domestically where available, and locally if possible, with the goal of minimizing environmental externalities both with materials used and those associated with long-distance shipping.  Coordination and set-up of our puzzles are performed by a woman-owned and operated company in Florida, and printed and die-cut in Indiana. Puzzles and boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard, and are currently available as 1000-piece sets, finished size 26 5/8” x 19.1/4”


    Each puzzle comes with an 8.5” x 11” insert describing both the image itself and the broader series of which it is a part.  (Watermark does not appear in product image.)

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