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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Gardens are beautiful, of course, with whatever colorful flowers are present.  But as the flowers fade, keep an eye out for other ways in which nature expresses itself.  Walk through your garden after a rain sometime.  The rough broad leaves of iris and lilies provide a perfect surface for water to collect and form little lines of jeweled beads. 

Water Beads II

  • Beartown Road Design print-images are printed in-house on a Canon Pixma Pro-10 printer. Prints are currently available in two paper sizes –           9" x 13”, and 13" x 19". Image size is slightly smaller to accommodate a small margin on all sides. Prints will be mounted on foam-core board, sized for either a 14 1/2" x 18 1/2" frame for the SMALL print, or 21" x 27" for the LARGE print.

    Mat is Dark Grey.

    Frame is Graphite Metal.

    (Watermark does *not* appear in final print.)

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