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Shipping Policy

Beartown Road Design currently can only ship domestically.  We will do so via the United States Postal Service (USPS), typically within 7-10 days. 


Individual Cards            Free

Card Packs                    $7.00

Small Prints                   $7.00

Large Prints                  $14.00

Puzzles                          $14.00

If I can find a less expensive shipping method, I will refund the difference.

Returns & Exchanges

Beartown Road Design is a young company and very new to the e-commerce thing, so our return and exchange policies will likely evolve over time.  However, our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers; at the end of the day, if we do not provide superior products and service, we will not be in business very long.  Good business is built on goodwill.

If the product you receive from us is in any way damaged or incomplete, please contact us to let us know your concern.  We will work with you to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution.

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