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Ancient volcanic activity meets the relentless action of the waves along the entire coast of Acadia National Park.  The junction of sky, rock, water, algae and a little Photoshopping combine ito produce a softened colorful version of the craggy Acadian shoreline.

Acadia Shore

  • Beartown Road Design print-images are printed in-house on a Canon Pixma Pro-10 printer. Prints are currently available in two paper sizes –           9" x 13”, and 13" x 19". Image size is slightly smaller to accommodate a small margin on all sides. Prints will be mounted on foam-core board, sized for either a 14 1/2" x 18 1/2" frame for the SMALL print, or 21" x 27" for the LARGE print.

    Mat is Dark Grey.

    Frame is Graphite Metal.

    (Watermark does *not* appear in final print.)

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